Welcome to Obamacare, the killing of health care

OlympiaJune 18, 2013 

I read with both amusement and amazement the Hoeller column in the June 13 edition of The Olympian. As an obvious Democrat, how can an individual be upset about the condition of our new “Affordable Health Care” program? And, how about those poor underpaid part-time teachers? Tenure is a union issue, and Democrats own the unions. Or, is it the other way around?

Own up buddy, you and the rest of your kind that pounded their fists and demanded the passage of the AHCA are getting just what you deserve. It is becoming more and more apparent each day that your president lied to us about so many things.

Not everyone will be covered (estimated 10 percent still without insurance), you probably won’t be able to keep your plan, and that $2,500 reduction in costs, well, that was just pure, unadulterated bull spit. Heck, even sitting congressmen and women are lamenting the fact that they and their staffs cannot afford insurance under Obama’s plan. Perhaps they should have read it instead of joking about it.

This is exactly what big, bloated government gets you, and big, bloated government is what this administration is all about. Imagine a bill that stands 6 feet 1 inch tall. Our best and brightest couldn’t read and understand it, there is no way our politicians can make sense of it.

Give thanks to our Democrat party, for they have effectively killed our health care system.

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