Making a passionate plea for more civility in politics

TumwaterJune 22, 2013 

America, has, in my opinion, become a nation of disparate and desperate factions that through time have evolved into ever more hostile and negative ideological camps. Partisans, some rabidly so, have by their arrogance and mindless bigotries, created a social chasm that cannot be bridged by anyone who is unable, or unwilling, to reason together without their own biases veiling the issues.

Some people have very valid reasons for their opinions and every American should have the right to express their reasoned opinions without being harshly attacked or openly ridiculed for what they have said or written. Republicans and Democrats are equally irresponsible in promoting hostility, truth distortions, bias and even toxic vitriol in speech and the written word. Any reasonable person can discern neither one is better deserving of praise, or condemnation, than the other.

To vote party line exemplifies muddled thinking and condemns our nation to ever more divisiveness. When reason and discussion die; so do nations. Many Americans feel the First Amendment irrevocably separates church and state. Many other Americans feel the wording of the amendment means separation of the two from promoting one religion above all others, but does not prevent the state from being religiously involved.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but angry, thoughtless bias is unreasonable, repugnant, disgraceful and assuredly represents tyranny more than democracy. In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along.”

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