The sky is not falling in the United States

OlympiaJune 23, 2013 

I see the usual anti-military suspects have reared their heads again. The world is more dangerous than ever. Our military must be ready to cope with all possible scenarios. Conflicts will start over water, crops and minerals everywhere. Even in our part of the world. Religious strife has erupted in places that seemed immune to hostile acts in the past.

As for countries that pay little or none for security, this must change now. They should pay their fair share or go it alone. Politicians need to get better results from mediation. The United Nations has gotten ineffective. The U.S. has taken a back seat role in global affairs such as in Syria. The military should be working hand-in-hand with the State Department to safe guard our national interests.

Religious organizations need to support not circumvent nonviolent sanctions. If Cuba wasn’t supported by these groups, the Cuban people would be free now.

Funny, the sky-is-falling folks say we’re not on the right path, but most surveys pick the U.S. as the country of choice over 90 percent of the world. Go figure.

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