Digusted by lawmakers willing to harm economy

LaceyJune 24, 2013 

The Legislature is an embarrassment. Since 2008, it has done nothing substantive to address long-known problems in revenue coupled with increasing demand for services from its citizens. And now we have an impasse based on an inexperienced and ideologically rigid coalition in the Senate and new-revenue-insistent folks in the House.

You felt entitled to spend state resources to touch up your photos, to pay for your personal dry cleaning, to pay for your power lunches at the absurd per diem rate of $90. Citizens paid for your cellphone bills. Many of you continue to sack us with the bill for your overtime.

Yet none of you could muster the necessary intellect to get your jobs finished in the regular session or the special session. And now it appears that you are willing to harm the economic recovery to get your way with your ill-conceived and poorly timed demands. Disgusting!

For the first time, we are seeing more steadily positive revenue but you manufacture a crisis by sitting on your pampered bottoms until you get your way. Even if you do somehow manage to pull your collective heads out of dark, unnamed spaces, the amount of wasted time and resources state agencies have spent planning for the completely unnecessary government shut-down will never be recovered.

I’m sure I am not alone in my very low opinion of your work.

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