Stop using killer bags, opt for resuable instead

OlympiaJune 30, 2013 

I just signed a petition for elimination of plastic lids at Starbucks and that’s nothing compared with the amount of plastic bags that walk out of stores every day in the hands of polluting shoppers. Just about every store inundates shoppers with at least two to 10 plastic bags that kill animals and generally pollute the environment without a second thought.

These plastic killers never leave the Earth but stay around forever to destroy life.

I try to use cloth bags as much as possible and when I forget to bring them into the store, I take the food out unbagged and bag it at the car where I keep a collection of cloth bags. Also, Grocery Outlet sells reusable heavy plastic bags for 10 cents. Anyone can afford that.

Come on people — wake up and get your purchases bagged in cloth or reusable bags. It’s not that hard to do and makes a big difference.

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