She’ll support anyone but Sen. Tim Sheldon

OlympiaJune 30, 2013 

At the risk of sounding like a legislative supporter, I want to say I don’t begrudge the legislators their per diem during the special session(s). Think about the time and commitment involved in running for office, and once elected, fulfilling the obligations of the office. Very challenging if you also have a family, a job and other obligations.

I am, however, extremely disappointed in the Senate and the silly “stick your head in the mud” approach to the budget. It is time for all legislators to take responsibility for approaching compromise based on sound state policy, not “my way or the highway” approach.

I will be campaigning for anyone that runs against Sen. Tim Shelton. He and Sen. Rodney Tom should take considerable responsibility for the fact that the Senate can’t seem to find middle ground for a reasonable budget.

What a sad statement for Washington state.

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