Elect more women, save our democracy

OlympiaJuly 1, 2013 

If you are disabled, elderly, most of all poor, expecting to vote, you are not welcome in the United States of ALEC (American Legislative Education Council), which by corporate funding concocts laws behind closed doors, which particularly via Republican politicians, gain state approval without the general public’s awareness, input, rights.

When I finally decided to become an American citizen, I hoped my democratic vote would unseat G.W. Bush. But it made no difference. He went right ahead forging wars, impoverishing the nation, accruing enormous debts, allowing corrupt banking practices to continue to become bailed out by taxpayers. Anyone speaking up in favor of Social Security, Medicare, alternative medicine, generic drugs, healthy foods, preserving the environment, taking global warming seriously becomes branded as socialistic traitor by ill-informed folks who either lack adequate intellect or who blindly follow corporate pipers, investing their income in conspicuous Wall Street deals.

Haste, hatred, gluttony, stupidity are not in anyone’s best interest. People used to deserve their political representatives. But after 1974, ALEC has reared its diabolic head, taking America by storm, each state via its own tornado, leaving fake representation.

Where is public outrage? When is everyone going to wake up to fight back for what the ideological term democracy occasional has stood for?

Dr. Daniel Amen, a neuroscientist, discovered the female brain as larger, more active, attributing leading qualities to it: 1. empathy, 2. appropriate words, 3. intuition, 4. self-control, 5. collaboration.

Might 50 percent of elected female officials turn the tide?

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