When the guns are gone, even liberals will complain

OlympiaJuly 3, 2013 

To truly understand the need for the Second Amendment, one only needs to look at the corruption and criminal activity being directed by the Obama administration. The IRS intimidation of selected segments of our population, the confiscation of documents and intimidation of the press (the hated Fox News) and the continued stonewalling on the Benghazi tragedy and cover-up by the major media is criminal.

Neither Hillary Rodham Clinton nor Susan Rice have been held accountable for the bungling of the situation or the lying to cover their sorry incompetence. Oh yes, Barack Obama had to leave for a campaign rally so he couldn’t be bothered.

The Second Amendment is the only check on an out-of-control government — they truly fear an armed population. Wait until all the gun grabbers get their way. Then they will have complete control of you.

Yes, even you liberals will be complaining then.

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