Projects get their funds

July 5, 2013 

South Sounders had to wait longer than usual to learn if the Legislature included local projects in the state capital construction budget. But it appears worth the wait.

Nine important projects worth almost $33 million received funding, not including another $36.3 million for Capitol Campus projects and a million or so for a new Thurston Readiness Center.

While the Thurston Food Bank, Safeplace, The Washington Center and others received much-needed funding, the state came up disappointingly short on helping the City of Olympia purchase and cleanup blighted properties on the isthmus.

The city hoped for $1 million, but only received $167,818 through projects sponsored by the Washington Wildlife Recreation Program. That makes fundraising efforts by the Olympia Capital Parks Foundation all the more essential.

The $65 million awarded to WWRP projects falls short of the $90 million the group had requested, but includes two projects at Woodard Bay and the isthmus funding. While a habitat restoration project on the Deschutes River didn’t make the list, a watershed center at Pioneer Park received funds under local projects.

Thanks legislators, for funding all of these worthy projects.

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