Each finds truth on unique path

July 6, 2013 

“Truth is one, paths are many.”

— Swami Satchidananda

I practice a healing/counseling modality called “Evolutionary Astrology.” In this article I wish to speak about the inherent principles of this practice, and how this work supports stronger community and acceptance among people.

In this practice of astrology, the natal chart, which is the map of the celestial positions at the exact date, time and location of a person’s birth, is read as a map that describes the lessons a soul is here to learn; or said differently, the specific ways each soul will come to remember the eternal truth of its being.

Understanding this map provides an underlying soul-context and clarification for why all of our lives are exactly the way it is. Why this person is in this or that body, why this person is struggling with this or that issue, etc. Through this practice, everything in a person’s life is understood from the perspective that all of life is the most perfect template for each individual’s growth. Thus it provides perspective for how each individual person will come to find the truth in their own way – through their inherently unique life journey.

The natal chart reflects a multilayered combination of 12 archetypes, planets, asteroids, signs and houses. We are not just one sign; rather, we are all of them, all interrelating in a unique way. In totality the chart speaks to the way, the areas of life through which the soul is choosing to grow in this life. Free will, the ability to make new choices, is enabled only through first accepting reality as it is. The natal chart does not foretell what choices we will make. Our choices are not in the stars.

The beauty of our lives is absolutely indescribable. In our most individuated forms, we are each a unique expression of divinity on a journey of self-remembering. The next steps in our own journeys, whatever that looks like, are always the most important and sacred steps we can ever take. There are no wrong circumstances and there is never anyone to compare ourselves to, for we are all truly walking different paths. The lives we are living are our spiritual paths.

To me, the essence of spiritual community is rooted in the deep understanding that our unity is found through diversity. God, Source, Creator expresses and is found through the total diversity of life – not one way, not just one path. A dear friend once told me, “There is only one truth. And that is my truth, and your truth, and your truth ... .”

Teaching and offering this work in this community continues to support many to find deeper acceptance of themselves and others; of the divine perfectness and value of each of our lives, exactly the way it is. Accepting our uniqueness is the starting point for true spiritual community. I pray that through each of us coming to love and appreciate the uniqueness of our own individual paths, we can live in such a way that allows for wholesome co-creation and true acceptance of one another; to love and appreciate all beings, all paths.

Ari Moshe is a practicing evolutionary astrologer, teaching and offering group classes on a regular basis in Olympia and abroad. Perspective is coordinated by Interfaith Works in cooperation with The Olympian. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Interfaith Works or The Olympian.

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