Federal furloughs create hardships for workers

LaceyJuly 6, 2013 

As a face of a federal employee, I am your lawyer, physician, therapist, sales store clerk, pharmacist, teacher, secretary, receptionist, registered nurse, laborer, office administrator, etc. The sequestration furloughs are about to gear up, which will create hardship on families during a time of extra expenses (day care/always hungry children).

Those responsible for the sequestration are representatives we elected to do their job. They are covered by laws invalidating them from being placed on furlough status.

Newsflash: Furlough does not mean people have to stop paying their mortgage, utilities, car payments/insurance (car, medical, dental), day care and put food on the table. Life goes on but with up to 30 percent less in salary.

This sequestration is not just this year as it is really just the first of a 10-year period — more cuts are on the horizon. The federal furlough amounts to a minimum of a 20 percent pay decrease.

I am asking the next time you go to vote to really examine each candidate closely and see what power he/she is seeking because ultimately it will affect all of us.

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