Let’s have public debate on rampant US spying

LaceyJuly 10, 2013 

The unchecked massive spying on American citizens and on all countries around the world by the NSA and Military-Industrial Complex is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution and of the trust of other countries. Any whistleblower who tries to alert the American people is put in a torture prison such as Bradley Manning or persecuted and stripped of citizenship such as Edward Snowden.

The history of spying on Americans is not good. J. Edgar Hoover used secret files on American political enemies to attack and destroy those enemies. Stalin, the Gestapo and other totalitarian dictatorships have famously used spying on citizens to get rid of political enemies and maintain their regimes. Much of this spying on Americans is contracted out to big corporate American oligarchs who can use this spying on Americans to their political advantage.

You have to wonder about the vast amount of taxpayer money being paid to spy on Americans. A huge data center is being built in Utah to store all this information. Yet the underwear bomber was not caught despite his father warning authorities twice and the Time Square bomber was only caught by alert citizens.

Let’s bring this secret spying on Americans out in the open and have a vigorous debate.

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