Shoreline plan postcard misleading for the public

OlympiaJuly 10, 2013 

I appreciate your calling to task the Friends of the Waterfront: re: their postcard sent out to the public last week. I received one of them and could not believe they had the gall to be so blatantly misleading.

I hope our elected city council persons will be equally aggressive in pointing out the unethical and inaccurate assertions by the Friends of the Waterfront.

I find it hard to believe the leadership of the group approved such a mailing. Either they didn’t understand the draft SMP, didn’t read it, or simply chose to purposely create a big foofaraw.

The Olympian’s choice of the terms “unethical and inaccurate” for the headline of the opinion piece is right-on. We have been trying for years to get a new, final Shoreline Master Program approved and published. The amount of time and serious work put into arriving at a workable and generally accepted SMP by council members, city staff and the general public has been amazingly civil, polite and appropriate.

Many thanks to The Olympian for setting the record straight.

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