Spilling America’s beans makes a public enemy

OlympiaJuly 12, 2013 

The “beans” contain the facts explaining global animosity toward America, why Americans are dumbstruck when faced with it and why we the people are now targets of our own government’s so-called worldwide war on terror. The “beans” are truths about the lawless and homicidal actions of our government against innocents of our own and other nations secreted from us in the name of national security. They have been spilled most recently by whistle-blowers Julian Assaunge and Edward Snowden who, instead of being protected by the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (signed by President Barack Obama) for revealing government wrong-doing, are being reviled and prosecuted by this administration as public enemy No 1.

In line with government efforts is the corporate owned news media’s familiar red-herring approach (too much useless information) concentrating on the messengers to effectively distract us from the revelations of the message. This government’s National Security apparatus masks a taxpayer-financed smash-and-grab corporate strategy of stealing other nation’s resources and markets through military actions as a worldwide war on terror. Our government claims we are spreading freedom and the rule of law. Whistle-blower revelations of the government’s own records reveal a very different and ugly truth.

Once an Obama apologist, I now see that this government prefers to pay for corporate bailouts and domestic spying over the people’s freedom and prosperity. Big money wins while transparency, democracy and freedom lose if Obama silences the whistleblower.

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