Mother, grandparents charged with severely beating 9-year-old Pierce County boy

July 12, 2013 

A 9-year-old Pierce County boy told social workers he wasn’t allowed to attend school “because he told somebody he gets beat at home,” officials said.

The boy, who weighs just 45 pounds, showed signs of abuse like a bruised face and broken clavicle.

He told social workers his mother and grandparents kept him locked in a basement so he couldn’t sneak food, and they beat him with spatulas, hangers and pieces of wood.

Today, Pierce County prosecutors charged his mother, Maria Isler, 31, with second-degree child assault and second-degree criminal mistreatment; his grandfather, Robert Isler, 60, with two counts of second-degree child assault; and his grandmother, Rosa Isler, 58, with one count of second-degree child assault.

The trio is set to be arraigned this afternoon.

Deputies served a search warrant Thursday at the family’s home in the 5200 block of 131st Street Court East in Tacoma.

The boy had already been removed from the home in June, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

At that time, Child Protective Service workers noticed several bruises on his face and obvious signs of malnutrition.

His mother was so frustrated with the boy’s inability to correctly pronounce the word ‘girl’ that she hit him repeatedly in the face with a piece of wood, charging papers state.

Deputies recovered the piece of wood Maria Isler allegedly struck her son with, describing it as 1 ½ inches thick, 5 inches wide and nearly 3 feet long.

The boy claimed his grandfather threw him off the 6-foot porch after catching him eating oatmeal. The impact fractured the boy’s clavicle, which the adults did not seek treatment for.

One of the boy’s uncles witnessed some of the abuse but did not report it, according to court records.

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