Animal Services planning to rescue abandoned seal pup from Henderson Inlet

Staff writerJuly 25, 2013 


A harbor seal pup lies alone on the former Woodard Bay railroad trestle in Henderson Inlet on Tuesday, July 23, 2013, after being stranded without his mother for at least four days. Nearby resident Brandy Garcia has called more than a dozen wildlife agencies and rescue centers, but is unable to get any help for the abandoned pup.

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Help may be on the way for a starving harbor seal pup left abandoned in Henderson Inlet for nearly a week.

Susanne Beauregard, director of Thurston County Animal Services, says her agency is able to rescue harbor seals and that she is trying to find someone to pick up the seal pup Thursday night or Friday morning.

She was surprised to learn about the stranded seal pup Thursday evening. "No one called us," she said.

Officials at Wolf Hollow wildlife rescue on San Juan Island said Tuesday they would be able to accept the pup if it were brought to them.

"We work with Wolf Hollow quite often," Beauregard said Thursday.

Brandy Garcia, who lives just 50 yards from where the baby seal has been stranded, has spent the past three days desperately trying to find someone to help the starving pup. She was told Animal Services would be sending someone to rescue the pup, most likely in the morning.

"If my back wasn't hurt, I'd be doing somersaults down the hill and into the water," Garcia said. "I got up at 5 a.m. just to be ready for anything. Wow! Wow! Wow!"

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