Well site plans will endanger easy access

OlympiaJuly 26, 2013 

The downtown Olympia artesian well is a treasure to the many people who count on it for their pure water.

Those who do not use it really should not be permitted to make irrational decisions that could have adverse affects on the accessibility, safety and overall usability of the well.

As it is, the accesses off Fourth Avenue and Fifth Avenue provide easy in and out. Any added attraction that would change this would not be beneficial to the well users. Any attraction that invites more people to the site would cause pedestrian-auto safety concerns (congestion).

People with heavy or many water vessels can now park very close to the well. Additional people and autos will make this access much more limited or perhaps impossible.

Well users can come to the well site any time now and quickly get their water and leave.

A carnival-like venue in this area would be neither appropriate nor appreciated by the well users.

The City Council of Olympia would be wise to consider: If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it.

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