Zimmerman will pay steep price for shooting

LaceyJuly 26, 2013 

Your political cartoon this morning (July 18) was not only in bad taste, but was unnecessarily inflammatory. And who really wants to fan such flames?

If racism includes sexism, and it must, then you also imply that the jury that found George Zimmerman not guilty was not of his peers, since it was all female.

Once a jury has listened to all of the evidence, deliberated and reached a verdict, we are forced to accept that decision. We don’t have to like it, but to honor the rule of law we have to move on, not throw tantrums and try to enrage others to follow.

Travyon is dead, but anyone who thinks Zimmerman got off scot-free is a fool.

His life is in shambles and he must owe thousands in legal fees. He will likely never recover. Leave him and the American public alone.

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