Educational gap about effects of Plan B drug

LaceyJuly 28, 2013 

Our president was pressured into signing a law that gives easy access to anyone of any age to obtain a potent pharmaceutical drug called Plan B without a prescription or pharmacist consultation. There are not FDA approved prescription drugs that do not have side effects. The long-term effects on a human body might be unknown for years to come after which time it may be too late to correct or reverse the consequences.

No studies have been performed on children. Many taking this drug will not study the Plan B side effects before consumption. This drug does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. There are nutrient depletions and interactions with other drugs.

Consider this also, our society will be teaching many children to rely solely on a potent drug approved by the federal government and supplied by the big pharmaceutical corporations to legally solve a problem by themselves without any supervision or direction. And who really is standing in the shadows to take advantage of this new opportunity? Just guess.

Move over marijuana, Plan B may be the gateway drug of choice now. Heaven help this generation. We hear: educate before you medicate. This changed to medicate before you educate. Gee, I wonder if it works on my cat. Oh well, who cares?

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