Republicans on a path of inequality for us all

TumwaterJuly 28, 2013 

Republicans have been on an inequality bent on multiple fronts. Our forefathers provided for a separation of church and state. They want religion in government, which is a freedom for all citizens outside of government. Inequality happens in states with Republican governors and both state houses and federally.

Republicans want:

1. Abortion bans for religious beliefs, eliminating 97 percent of women’s health care. Only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood provides for abortions, paid from private donations. The rest is programs for mammograms, cancer screening, prevention aid, contraceptives, etc.

2. Voter ID laws keeping citizens from voting. They don’t want the young, old, disabled, and minorities to vote as Democrats. This is their preferred racial profiling.

3. Gerrymandering ends constituent representation. It allows Republicans to cheat the system and keep the U.S. House, illegitimately and unconstitutionally, filling it with GOP representatives elected in states that voted overall for President Barack Obama — like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

4. The “IRS Scandal” — not a scandal. Republicans changed codes from “exclusively” social (religious) to “primarily” — to inject religious ideology into government, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened and caused the IRS to investigate these groups.

5. Charter schools that allow creationism, eliminate union teachers and end public education.

6. Right-to-work states that eliminate unions and pay people a lot less for the same work.

7. No gun control or background checks, and keep stand-your-ground (legal murder).

8. Unfair tax code advantages only for the rich.

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