Olympia man arrested after allegedly trying to race unmarked WSP car

Staff writerJuly 28, 2013 

A 24-year-old Olympia man claimed he was trying to "show off to his friends" when he unknowingly tried to race a Washington State Trooper in an unmarked patrol car on Interstate 5 Sunday morning. 

The trooper was patrolling the northbound lanes of the interstate near the Martin Way exit when he spotted a Volkswagen Jetta in his rear view mirror driving at speeds of 77 mph, according to Trooper Guy Gill. 

The Olympia driver allegedly pulled up alongside the trooper's unmarked Dodge Charger. 

"The passenger rolled down the window, held out the peace sign, then took off as if they wanted to race him," Gill said. "They continued and reached speeds of 120 mph."

The trooper turned on his lights, which surprised the driver, Gill said.

"The driver literally slammed his brakes so hard that the back end of the vehicle was fish tailing because he was so shocked it was a state trooper," Gill said.

The driver pulled over to the shoulder. He did not have a valid driver's license. 

Gill said the man was arrested and is being accused of reckless driving and driving while license suspended. 

"The driver said he was trying to show off to his friends that were in the vehicle with him and had no idea that it was a state trooper in that Charger," Gill said. "This is a good example of the different use of our police vehicles and how we can enforce traffic laws like this." 

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