Action required on lake sediment

OlympiaJuly 29, 2013 

I read with interest your “Our View” column recently (“Capitol Lake can’t wait for us to get our act together,” July 23). You asked for comments from folks about the lake versus tide flat issue. I have not changed my mind. I have always felt that the body of water named Capitol Lake should remain a lake. If I want to walk on a tide flat, I will go to a tide flat. What I enjoy doing is walking around Capitol Lake. I realize the area wasn’t always a lake. Creating a lake brought about a different ecosystem as well as an attractive area for the citizens of our area to come together and enjoy being outdoors.

The lack of movement by all of the officials and agencies involved is appalling. If they do nothing for a long enough period of time, it will be a sediment-filled area that is not attractive to anything but more bugs. The sediment needs to be dredged and the folks appointed to oversee the issue must find the personal integrity to perform the job for which they were hired and/or appointed — they need to seek the opinion of the citizens on the matter and get moving.

And let’s do what is in the best interest of today’s times and use of the area. Last time I looked, the bats still come in the evening and the birds are thriving. Now if we could only find a way to get rid of the snails without killing off all the other living creatures there.

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