So much water can be recycled

OlympiaJuly 30, 2013 

Wayne E. Keller’s July 22 column in The Olympian urges us to shake off lethargy and to act responsibly. We old-timers – trim from daily chores, reasonable food portions – recycle, conserve, save, make do. So he is alerting younger generations.

Our household of two on a well and septic system captures rainwater in 17 30-gallon coverable containers. We bathe in tandem, after catching the cold water in basins, bottles or a pail. The cold bathwater flushes the toilet. Kitchen sink water ends up on shrubs. Empty milk jugs filled with rescued water line our garage by the dozens or hide behind shrubs for yard emergencies. Into some empty milk jugs, I carved larger openings designating them as scoopers (from rain bins to plants). The only chemicals reaching our yard are from washing bought fruits and vegetables.

Contrary to county statements – topography varies – our road’s rainwater runs not into the gully but toward our garage in front of which we had a “speed bump” installed.

During rain, we occasionally wipe down our car. As a World War II survivor used to hardships, I’ve always applied myself to doing when not reading, resting or writing.

Aware of our ever-changing, increasingly more populous world, I try to consume but a minimum and cherish channel 75 Classical Arts showcase renditions as rewards.

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