Trio of candidates vies for Tenino City Council spot

ckrotzer@theolympian.comAugust 3, 2013 

Three candidates are on the ballot for a spot on the Tenino City Council, including new mayor Bret Brodersen.

Brodersen is up against fellow council member of 27 years Frank Anderson and newcomer Sirena Painter, a resident of more than 15 years, for Tenino City Council Position 1.

Brodersen was appointed mayor after the ballots had already been drawn up, forcing him to continue to run despite his appointment, he said.

“I will most likely resign from the council position, but I haven’t been faced with that position yet,” Brodersen said. “I came into the mayor position to fill out the remainder of the 2015 term.”

Anderson and Painter both have ideas of where to take the city if elected.

Anderson, a lifelong Tenino resident with an associate of arts degree from Centralia College, said he isn’t done serving his city.

“There are still things that I can do to help the city and the citizens, especially since the downturn of the economy and the budgetary issues,” Anderson said. “I believe my expertise can come in and help turn things around.”

Painter, a library aide at the Tenino Timberland Library, spent much of her childhood visiting family in Tenino. She later moved to Tenino to raise her own child.

She hopes to provide a “breath of fresh air” to help make changes on the council.

“I have been really disappointed in the discord that seems to have actually gotten worse in the last five to six years,” Painter said. “I am not afraid to make hard decisions, and I think some people are, and I’m not afraid to be honest.”

All candidates agreed the city’s budget is among the highest concerns, as well as getting the community to come together.

“There has been a bunch of dissension among the community for many reasons,” Anderson said. “We need to work and bring it up and educate the constituents on what we do and what we can’t do.”

Anderson said he would also focus on keeping the city’s current services, such as the Police Department and the quarry pool, functioning, with hopes of one day expanding them.

Painter said her experience with the district’s PTA and her volunteer work would help better connect the city’s residents.

“One of my strengths is reaching out, making connections and getting people to work together,” Painter said. “I have been doing it strongly the last 14 years.”

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