Unique dike and bypass could assure clear water

OlympiaAugust 3, 2013 

Over the years of Olympia’s history, dredging has been the main source of landfill for downtown Olympia from KGY to Plum Street.

To fill Capitol Lake and the Southern end of Budd Bay north to the KGY location with a dike from West Bay Drive across to East Bay Drive would solve sea-level rise within Olympia proper.

A dike of hollow containers would allow the tide to compress air for release on Budd Inlet’s sea floor, thus aerating and greatly enhancing the Puget Sound’s water quality. A byproduct could be electricity generated by the tidal flow in and out with turbines at the portals.

The plan as now proposed will never work as part of the city’s Shoreline Master Program.

The Deschutes Falls diverted into a flume to Capitol Lake would dredge year-round with a Venturi System and deposit the dredgings upon barges or the existing rail system to haul away at the 40,000-50,000 yards per annum.

Capitol Lake could then be a clear-water reflecting pond with a Deschutes River bypass.

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