Splitting off food stamps makes for two better bills

OlympiaAugust 3, 2013 

In the July 25 issue of The Olympian, I was shocked at that astonishing editorial wherein you folks wrote “Ending food stamps would create a disaster” in the headline.

Of course, who could disagree with that? Nobody. Even I could agree with that.

But then you spent the next few hundred words implying that that was what the “heartless” Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives was going to do. Which is about as far from the truth as the moon is from downtown Olympia.

The only true statement in this entire editorial occurred when you praised Congressman Denny Heck for opposing “splitting up the traditional farm bill.” Because that is all that has happened.

Instead of having food stamps tied in with the Farm Bill, now there will be a Farm Bill and a Food Stamp Bill.

All they are doing is separating these two issues so partisan politics cannot be used to hold one issue hostage against the other. Or do you prefer it when feeding the poor can be the continual victim of political pandering?

Nobody’s doing away with food stamps — oh, pardon me, the SNAP program. In short, your editorial was one, big, huge disingenuously misleading pile of propaganda. And you knew that, didn’t you? Your praise to Denny Heck proves as much.

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