Vote ‘yes’ on Aug. 6 for Tanglewilde parks

LaceyAugust 5, 2013 

As former residents of Tanglewilde, we were distressed to hear that the Tanglewilde pool is not open this summer.

This was the only outdoor pool open to the public in the Lacey/Olympia/Tumwater area, so the closure is a sad loss to the Tanglewilde community and to the entire area.

We lived in Tanglewilde for 33 years. Our children learned to swim at the pool and spent most of their summer days there.

The pool provided them and their friends a safe, healthy outlet for their youthful energies, and their experiences at the pool helped them grow into healthy, productive adults. When we recently relocated to another neighborhood, the pool was one of the strong selling points for our Tanglewilde home.

In addition to many statements that are false, the author of the voters pamphlet statement against the upcoming levy vote states that his children are too old to use the parks so “it’s not fair” for him to be expected to support them.

Such selfishness ignores the fact that when his children were younger and did use the parks and pool, they benefitted from the taxes paid by others.

Because we recognized the parks and pool as valuable community assets that benefitted everyone in the community even if we didn’t use them ourselves, we continued to happily support them long after our children left home. We encourage all of our former neighbors to vote yes for the parks and recreation levy Aug. 6.

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