No confusion: Majority clearly wants a lake

OlympiaAugust 7, 2013 

In a July 23 editorial, The Olympian highlighted the problems created by the continued inaction on Capitol Lake. This appears to be an appropriate time to remind everyone of what Olympia residents said on this issue four years ago.

In letters to the editor, letters to General Administration and door-to door canvassing on this issue, 80 percent of Olympia residents clearly stated their desire to see Capitol Lake remain a lake (I have presented data previously that backs this claim).

These responses show that we are not a community that lacks consensus.

What we are, sadly, is a community in limbo in which a minority of regulators and tribes are able to veto every attempt to move this issue forward.

The environmental movement continually makes the same mistake.

By taking an unyielding stance and never compromising, they turn off the community and ultimately hurt their agenda.

Being willing to compromise on this issue would show that the environmental community can be reasonable and would build capital as they work on other more appropriate restoration projects.

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