Reducing hospital LPNs lowers quality of care

OlympiaAugust 11, 2013 

Large health care corporations pursue nursing awards at the expense of their employees and the public, and it does nothing to improve the quality of care patients receive.

Look no further than Thurston County. A $13 billion corporation announced it’s laying off the majority of its LPN’s while pursuing an award.

Laying off LPN’s is not good health care for the public, it lowers the quality of care patients receive as that’s one less trained set of eyes watching over your family members as RN’s have enough to do. I would like for any health care facility to show me that an award for nursing care improved their bottom line? These awards are for public relations only.

All health care facilities should be required to post their infection rates, readmission rates and mortality rates. That’s what consumers of health care should be concerned with, not nursing awards. Why are LPNs being laid off when the corporate CEO was paid $6,379,455? The senior vice persident of Missions Leadership $1,269,112? Employees have been without a contract for 17 months. CEOs – how about taking a pay cut?

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