I-522 about information, not for or against GMO

OlympiaAugust 14, 2013 

As the yes and no for I-522 present their sides for labeling GMO foods, it reminds me of the debate for labeling organic foods over 20 years ago. The industry complained of bureaucracy, loopholes for cheaters, too much cost, unnecessary, and all the other usual excuses industry uses to foil the consumer into believing them.

I also remember when food labeling was not required at all. The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act passed in 1966. Industry was opposed to this legislation also for the same reasons listed above. Today, can you imagine a grocery store shelf with inconsistent sized packaging, no ingredient list or weight, and no sell-by date, or unit price on the shelf? Or, no labeling of organic ingredients or products.

Initiative 522 is just a continuation of the consumer’s right to know what’s in the product: plain and simple. Whether you are for, against, or don’t care about GMO’s is not really the issue – it’s about providing information to the consumer.

Industry can and will adapt. They just like to complain. Vote for I-522 to keep truth in packaging and labeling at the forefront of consumer’s right to know.

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