Environment is not an economic enemy

LaceyAugust 16, 2013 

Our history is steeped in a tradition of working together as neighbors and coming up with solutions to our problem. When it comes to our environment, we seem to have thrown this tradition by the wayside. It does not have to be that way.

I challenge everyone to learn more about our environment, as doing so will help us make better choices to protect and conserve our land, water, and wildlife. However, it must be a ground-up approach and not top-down with unreasonable regulation, penalties, and dictates. This is when problems arise. Environmental leaders must create partnerships with private citizens and local communities.

I firmly believe we can use common-sense measures to protect the environment without infringing on private property rights or unreasonably denying access to and use of public resources. I am totally convinced humanity can meet its needs while also protecting the environment.

The environment and the economy are not enemies. To survive we need both a healthy environment and a sound economy. Let’s work together!

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