A love song for God and for our souls as well

August 17, 2013 

This article is not asking you to believe anything.

It is an invitation to explore new spiritual experiences and to experience divine love.

Nowadays, there seem to be many spiritual concepts and practices I didn’t learn as a child.

Chanting is one of these. Millions of people around the world chant words and sounds they consider sacred and holy.

HU, an ancient name for God, is one of these sacred sounds.

It can be sung as an expression of love, a nondirected prayer of the highest sort.

Singing HU can expand your awareness, mend a broken heart, provide solace in times of grief, or bring peace and calm after a hard day.

Singing HU with a feeling of love can gradually open your heart to God.

There is no uniform or right way to experience the HU.

Everyone’s experience with the HU is unique. One’s inner vision may include swirling blue lights, a doorway to inner worlds, images of loved ones or past lives.

The very first time I sang HU, my inner vision was jolted by the startling image of a wolf with fierce eyes.

Life’s experiences eventually taught me the wolf symbolizes the soul’s determination to live a life of spirit in spite of all obstacles.

We need not depend on religious authority figures for understanding our experiences.

Life will answer our questions.

Whatever your experience may be with singing HU, I encourage you to ask questions and then pay attention to all of life.

I find it important to ask my questions with sincerity and possess the humility to receive new insights, rather than simply expect an affirmation of current beliefs.

As we now know, the world is not flat and there is still more to learn about the nature of things.

I grew up believing in only one lifetime and was resistant to the concept of reincarnation.

After a vision quest weekend at Yosemite National Park that included pondering why I was here and for what purpose, the entire front page of the Living section of the local Sunday paper included an article about reincarnation that answered most of my questions.

Many may consider this a coincidence, but I share this experience to present another perspective as to how life answers our questions.

I now believe the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” is explained by reincarnation.

Perhaps souls in different lifetimes with different physical bodies did not honor divine love and created karma according to a spiritual law of cause and effect.

The “bad things” are opportunities to learn lessons such as how to receive and give divine love.

Profound insights may not be experienced from just singing HU once or twice. Building spiritual and physical muscles are alike. Both require regular exercises over time to develop strength and stamina. I find singing HU daily is an agreement with life to provide me the guidance and insights I need for spiritual growth.

In “HU: the Most Beautiful Prayer,” Harold Klemp writes, “Divine love has no conditions — it simply loves. God loves, but not because we deserve it or have earned it. The reason is simply that God is love, therefore God loves. We are Soul, God’s creation, and It loves us because that is Its nature. HU can be sung by anyone, whether Christian, Muslim, or any other religion. It isn’t meant to change your religion. HU will enhance it.”

For more information about the HU visit hear hu.org and check out the video or listen to thousands of people singing this majestic love song to God.

Rheo Aieta is active in the Eckankar movement in the Olympia area. Perspective is coordinated by Interfaith Works in cooperation with The Olympian. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Interfaith Works or The Olympian.

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