Supports training flights to survive this holy war

TumwaterAugust 18, 2013 

In the Aug. 9 Olympian there was a letter criticizing the number of helicopter training exercises. The criticism was based on a 2010 Washington Post article in which the term “paltry” 400 fearsome terrorists was written. Evidently the point was that the danger of terrorism was being overstated.

Let’s be realistic: Worldwide, there are about 1.5 billion Muslims. If even 1 percent are active terriorists or supporters of terrorism, the number involved is 15 million worldwide. I believe the so-called Al Qaeda and extremists should be called Islamic Terrorists, so that the public understands who is responsible for an attack.

Most Muslims simply want to live a normal life. However, many are pressured by the ideology set forth in the Koran. After reading the Koran it became clear that we are in a Holy war and that we need to maintain well-trained military personnel for the survival of our country and our constitution.

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