Accused Olympia rapist admits to crime, according to court docs

Staff writerAugust 19, 2013 

Colin McCullough

A 24-year-old man is accused of kidnapping a woman at knifepoint early Sunday morning from the group home where she works on Ensign Road and then raping her in her car after forcing her to drive to a secluded area, court papers state.

The accused rapist, Colin McCullough, admitted to the rape when arrested outside his Woodside Court residence Sunday morning, "to humiliate her" during the robbery of the group home, "and keep her from reporting the incident to police," court papers state.

McCullough also said he had been planning the robbery for weeks, and learned how to tie someone up from watching YouTube videos, according to court papers.

A judge ordered McCullough held at the Thurston County Jail Monday on suspicion of first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery and second-degree assault. Thurston County Superior Court Judge Christine Schaller set McCullough's bail at $100,000, and said his release would be "a high risk for the safety of our community."

According to court papers:

The woman said a man she knows as "Colin" knocked on the door of the group home for the developmentally disabled near Providence St. Peter Hospital about 2:15 a.m. Sunday. The woman, who is in her mid-20s, said she let him in because he claimed he was there to "shadow" her to get trained for working the graveyard shift.

McCullough is a former employee at the group home who left several months ago.

After about 10 minutes after "Colin" entered the group home, the woman went to take out the garbage. She said he followed her outside, and immediately began punching and assaulting her. He then strangled her until she nearly lost consciousness, she said.

She said the suspect then tied her to a vehicle in the garage. She said he bound her hands to a vehicle, and also tied a rope tightly around her neck.

The suspect placed one of the woman's shoes on her head, and before going back inside the group home, he told her that if the shoe fell "she would be in trouble."

When the suspect returned, the shoe had fallen, and the suspect smacked her in the face so hard "that she said she saw stars."

The woman said the suspect threatened to kill her if she was not cooperative. She said he also produced a box-cutter knife and placed it on her neck, telling her he was there to "rob" her.

The suspect untied the woman from the vehicle in the garage, "but her neck and hands were still bound." She said he then forced her to drive in her car as he sat directly behind her. They ended up in a parking lot at the end of Ensign Road near the Chehalis Western Trail. She said she tried to get away after parking, but he subdued her after she bit, kicked and punched him.

The suspect then raped the woman, and threatened to kill her if she reported the incident to police. The suspect then took the ropes off of the woman and fled the scene on foot.

The woman drove back to the group home and immediately called police. Police noticed that she had injuries consistent with her account of what had happened, including a line on her throat that appeared to be the result of having a rope tied around her neck. She also had injuries to her face and body consistent with being struck.

The woman was able to positively identify her attacker as McCullough from a photographic lineup.

Olympia Police Detective Chris Johnstone located an address for McCullough in the 3500 block of Woodside Court, just blocks from the group home. Police took McCullough into custody there as he attempted to flee out a back door.

McCullough, who has no prior criminal record, "admitted to the entire incident" as the victim had described. He said he went to the group home because he knew the woman would be working there alone. He said he took cash belonging to one of the patients while the woman was tied up in the garage.




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