Beware of attorneys trolling for lawsuits

OlympiaAugust 22, 2013 

Several ads from out-of-state attorneys recently appeared in The Olympian trolling for potential clients to bring suit against local nursing homes. Washington state holds a well deserved reputation for both good quality nursing home care and one of the nation’s toughest and most exacting state licensure systems.

Providing high quality care for thousands of frail people is very challenging under the best of circumstances. The task will not be made easier by importing a cottage industry of litigation seeking attorneys from other states. Our best guarantee of good care is the dedication of front-line nurses and nursing assistants backed up by a solid quality assurance system and state licensure.

As in any large human enterprise, there will sometimes be errors and breakdowns that may need the help of an attorney to assure proper compensation. In such situations, Washington already has a supply of competent local attorneys.

We need to maintain the good system of care we have built in our state, and especially work to improve the funding ground we have lost for Medicaid residents over the last four years of the Great Recession.

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