Centralia Man Wants $400,000 for Alleged Police Brutality

August 27, 2013 

A 41-year-old Centralia man arrested after riding his wheelchair down the middle of Pearl Street and later assaulting staff at Providence Centralia Hospital now wants $400,000 from the Centralia Police Department for alleged brutality.

Trygue J. Nelson, 41, Centralia, has filed a $400,000 claim for damages against the Centralia Police Department for an alleged dispute with officers outside his home on June 30.

Nelson was cited and released for disorderly conduct, obstructing a public servant and resisting arrest after riding his wheelchair down Pearl Street, causing cars to stop.

When police approached him at his home at 201 W. Reynolds Ave., he reportedly became aggressive and refused to cooperate, according to the incident report.

"The male stated, ’what the f-k do you want?’ and I could immediately smell a strong odor of alcohol emitting from him," Officer Patty Finch wrote in a report. "The male appeared very angry and intoxicated."

Police Sgt. Carl Buster responded to the scene, and when Nelson confronted him, he used an arm hold on Nelson to bring him to the ground.

"Not knowing his intentions and fearing I was about to be assaulted, I spun the male around and tried to secure him against the wall to gain control of him, but he started fighting me and tried to spin around to face me," Buster wrote in the report.

The altercation left Nelson with a cut above his left eye. Nelson claims the force caused a shoulder injury, knee injury and "split open (his) head."

"Police wrongly attacked me," Nelson wrote in the claim for damages form.

Nelson also said he was denied access to medication and denied a request for medical care in jail.

While waiting for aid to arrive and transport Nelson to Providence Centralia Hospital to treat the cuts to his head, the officers said Nelson continued to act violently.

"By now, the cut on his head was bleeding profusely even though it was minor and the male stated he was on blood thinners," Buster said. "He was also yelling out, stating, ’I have full blown AIDS, go ahead and kill me.’"

The officers cited Nelson at the hospital.

Moments before being released from the emergency room around 4:30 a.m. on July 1, Nelson reportedly defecated on the ground, charged at and struck the head nurse and swung punches at other hospital staff. He was then arrested and booked for third-degree assault.

"Nelson came out of Room 1 stating, ’Look what I did. You guys will have to clean this up,’" Trevyn D. Delapp, the head nurse, said in the report.

Delapp reported seeing feces all over the ground by Nelson’s bed.

It took five or six staff members to restrain Nelson when he charged at Delapp.

City of Centralia Risk Manager Candice Rydalch said Nelson’s claim for damages was submitted to city’s insurance carrier, Washington City Insurance Authority, on Aug. 22.

Nelson can hire an attorney and file a lawsuit against the city if the claim is denied.

Rydalch said the city has the least claims for damages over the past five years compared to 33 other cities of similar size in Washington that use WCIA.

Centralia Police Chief Bob Berg said his department has seen about 10 claims since he took over nine years ago.

"Any claim that is filed against the city has to be acknowledged by the City Council," Berg said.

"Then we send (our insurance company) everything we have and they make a recommendation. Claims like this are routinely denied."

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