Sex offender not more vulnerable than a child

OlympiaSeptember 1, 2013 

People’s House will host, at least 40 beds, adding 10,950 bed nights per year.

A residential community as well as several day care and school communities are having a few people from outside the community invite, at least 10,950 of the most dysfunctional and highest risk individuals into their neighborhood each year.

This shelter will have the fewest rules of any other shelter in the community. We won’t even know who these people are: no identification required.

Those that object are now being dismissed as pushback from the NIMBYs.

This is being done in the name of social justice. Where is the justice in taking away from families the safe neighborhood in which they worked so hard to become a part?

Those being sheltered are being called our most vulnerable. I don’t believe an experienced criminal or sex offender is more vulnerable than an innocent child.

What has become of the concept of the greater good?

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