Congress is stealing from its own citizens

LaceySeptember 1, 2013 

I’d like to report a robbery!

Recently, Congressman Eric Cantor declared the sequestration cuts should be made by reducing the Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs. These are not entitlements. These programs are paid for by employees and employers.

According to the U.S. Treasury, in 2009, Congress owed Medicare $324 billion and Social Security $2.3 trillion. Congress can’t keep their hands off of other peoples’ money. They borrow from these funds and then try to call them entitlements when they are paid.

“Congress” is an entitlement program and they should not be entitled to beg, borrow and steal from Social Security and Medicare to pay for their pet projects. What should be done is to reduce funding for defense, farm subsidies and increase corporate taxes to repay the Social Security and Medicare systems. Congress and the media are participating in a big lie that Social Security and Medicare are entitlements.

Officer, I’d like to make a citizen’s arrest.

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