Spend more on dredging and less on state studies

SheltonSeptember 2, 2013 

This business about what to do with Capitol Lake needs to be settled as us taxpayers are going broke. I’m a World War II veteran, U.S. Navy, and have been around for a while. I remember when the area east of what is now Capitol Lake had several shacks close to the mud flats. The only time when the mud flats were covered with water was during the last few hours of a high tide.

My uncle and aunt lived in one of those shacks. As a child, I visited them frequently and would see the mud flats more often than water. This was like what the mud flats at Mud Bay is today, where the water flows freely with the tide.

All of those shacks used as housing had their sewage drain right onto the mud flats and into the river as did everyone upstream that lived near the river. The mud flats and any water in the area had a stench that I’ll never forget. All this pollution is what nearly killed off the Olympia oysters but have since made a comeback.

I would also recommend that the state stop wasting tax dollars on meetings and studies, and spend the money on dredging. This would be a lot less expensive than how the state is approaching the situation.

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