Was the public duped over marijuana change?

OlympiaSeptember 3, 2013 

We all have legalized marijuana in order, we hope, to deal with the irrationality of our pre-existing laws relative to marijuana. Sending young adults to prison for years for possession or use of small amounts of marijuana was irrational and costly. So, have we solved the problem or have we been duped?

Do you really think all, or even most, of the problems will go away? Do you think that those under 21 years of age will magically stop using? Do you think the illegal distribution system will go away? Do you think the criminal element controlling production, distribution and sales will magically become law abiding?

If marijuana is legal, we will need to regulate its growth, transportation, sale, storage, use, …. Will we have exchanged one set of problems for another? Now that medical use is legal there are parents claiming that their children require marijuana. Where will it end?

I think we might have been much better off to decriminalize it rather than legalizing it. Looking forward to an interesting, irrational, and chaotic future.

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