Ketchup is kicker in grouper dish

September 4, 2013 

This grouper with tomatoes, capers and sweet and sour sauce has an unusual ingredient — ketchup. Ketchup is coming back into style, having lost first place on the condiment list to salsa.

Basmati rice is an aromatic long-grain rice. It smells a little like popcorn when cooked. If it’s not available, use white rice instead.

Helpful Hints

Quick tip: Serve the grouper with microwaved white rice instead of the Basmati recipe below.

Nutrition: This meal contains 471 calories per serving with 21 percent of calories from fat.

Substitutions: Any type of fish can be used for this recipe. Count 8 minutes cooking time for each inch of thickness. It will continue to cook in its own heat once off the stove.

Rice tip: I like to boil rice like pasta in a pot large enough to let the grains roll freely in the boiling water. This method gives fluffy rice every time.

Wine suggestion: Grouper with a tangy tomato sauce would be nicely matched by a sauvignon blanc.

To buy: 2 medium tomatoes, 3/4 pound grouper, 1 small bottle capers, 1 can olive oil spray and 1 small package Basmati rice.

Staples: ketchup, low-sodium soy sauce, white distilled vinegar, olive oil, salt, and black peppercorns.

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