Level 3 sex offender registers transient in Thurston County

Staff reportSeptember 4, 2013 

Level 3 sex offender, Korey A. Falk has registered as a transient in Thurston County.


The Thurston County Sheriff's Office has issued a general notification regarding 37-year-old transient level 3 sex offender, Korey A. Falk.

On Nov. 29, 1990, Falk pleaded guilty in Lewis County Juvenile Court to 1st degree rape of a child and 1st degree child molestation. He was sentenced to 104 weeks of confinement. The conviction stems from Falk, at age 10-14 sexually assaulting is half sister.

On Jan. 23, 1991, Falk pleaded guilty in Lewis County Juvenile Court to 1st degree rape of a child, and was sentenced to 21-28 weeks of confinement. That conviction stemmed from Falk, at age 14, sexually assaulting a 7-year-old boy.

On Jan. 11, 1995, Falk pleaded guilty in Thurston County Superior Court to to 3rd degree child molestation, and was sentenced to 48 months confinement. That conviction  stemmed from Falk, at 18, having consensual sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Korey A. Falk is described as a white male, 6 feet 2 inches and 250 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. He has registered with the Thurston County Sheriff's Office as a level 3 transient.

If you have questions or concerns about Falk or any other registered sex offender residing in Thurston County, visit www.co.thurston.wa.us/sheriff, and click on "Sex Offender Watch," or call 360-786-5527 or 360-754-2894.

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