How did abusing couple slip past Kitsap system?

OlympiaSeptember 8, 2013 

How in the world did the allegedly sadistic Brandon and Viviana Gunn in Kitsap County get guardianship of his 13-year-old brother? Their arrest on suspician of brutally torturing the boy sickens me.

I just recently jumped through numerous legal hoops here to be given guardianship of my very disabled younger brother with Down syndrome after our mother died, even though I had lovingly overseen his care for most of his life. I had a criminal background check and had to be vetted by a court-appointed family attorney at Thurston County’s expense. There was nothing to be found but earlier scholastic and literary awards. I also had to take some fairly onerous online training and testing administered by the Family Court to authorize my guardian status. This was after decades of already working with my brother’s case manager and helping our mother manage and report his government benefits.

With such scrutiny and expense made over a dependent individual in my family’s situation, where did Kitsap County’s Family Court drop the ball? Surely there must have been warning signs of this couple’s allegedly outrageously cruel behavior. Such a couple should have never been awarded guardianship of this child and, if guilty, need to go to prison for a long, long time.

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