In his mind, no good deed goes unpunished

OlympiaSeptember 9, 2013 

I would like to thank the following: Thurston County commissioners, Thurston County Resource Stewerdship Office, Judge Christopher Wickham, County Prosecutor Jon Tunheim, and, last but not least, David Rayment. Their concerted efforts have paid off to deprive my family, and many other families, of a clean and safe place to enjoy wholesome recreation along the banks of the Deschutes river.

Jon Pettit, the owner of the Deschutes River Range, has been forced to close his property to public access. Jon, I know that you have worked very hard to provide such a wonderful gift to our community. As a veteran, I will continue to support your fight to be able to exercise your rights.

What I don’t understand is why you are being so persecuted for recreation that is happening on state-owned land? Merely because you are providing access? I would love to hear an explanation from Tunheim, or Wickham on why Pettit is being held to task when such access to the waters of the state are guaranteed by our state constitution. Oh well, I think that I will float down the river in my kayak and set up camp somewhere along the banks of the river directly across from the Deschutes River Range instead.

Thanks Jon, I wish the world had many more people that shared your generosity, kindness, and integrity with your principles.

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