Syria endgame should be to stop tyranny

OlympiaSeptember 11, 2013 

The British are looking for the endgame strategy in Syria, and they don’t see one, so they aren’t supporting action against Syria gassing its own citizens. But what was the endgame when Britain declared war against Germany? Stop tyranny.

Recall that Hitler preferred peace with Britain rather than war. The British, recovering from Dunkirk, defended themselves, and we supported them with no U.S. endgame in sight. There was no endgame with Britain barely alive, surrounded by U-boats and hammered by Luftwaffe bombers. But they were against tyranny, and they fought alone for 500 days until Dec. 7, 1941.

Now Obama has drawn a red line in Syria, some say stupidly. I say the man has a moral backbone. No other country leads the world as does the U.S. No other country is looked to as world leader. Now is not the time to hide.

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