Revival of mass protest to create a better world

TumwaterSeptember 12, 2013 

The top one percent offer to save American cities by destroying them with bankruptcy. It is all about corporations getting rid of their debt to the workers, young, aged, and our communities. They slash meals on wheels, school lunches, and then transfer the savings to their Cayman Island accounts.

Paul Ryan happily collected social security benefits to pay for his college education, but now would deny the same benefits to his parent’s generation. Tea Party Republican-1-percenters offer us austerity measures; and go-silent Wall Street profiteers use bail out monies to pay obscene bonuses to the greedy CEOs. In privatized America expect to pay tuition in Kindergarten, higher rates for insurance and health, more for gas and food, road tolls.

Shock and awe bullying always backfires as it did in Middle East and South America. The repressive McCarthy-Bircher attack on civil liberties exploded into the riotous 60s. The current campaign to keep the minimum wage at a poverty level brings us to a discussion of a maximum wage caps and progressive taxes on the greedy.

I’m betting that true patriots will not go quietly into the dark night of bankrupt America. We reject Fox News stoking the cauldron of hatred and fear. We won’t be intimidated by gun-toting brown shirts gathering in Idaho, eager to mop up a collapsed America. Our hope for a better world will depend on a renaissance of mass protest and civil disobedience.

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