Domestic issues outweigh need for attack on Syria

LaceySeptember 13, 2013 

The British Parliament showed great good sense when they voted to not become embroiled in Syria. Let’s hope our Congress is as astute. We have issues at home that far outweigh any importance of our potential involvement there.

Let’s not forget that we are reducing the strength of our armed forces as a result of the fact that we are in dire economic straits due to our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. We ensured democratic elections in Iraq before we withdrew and they still blow each other up day in and day out in sectarian violence. We are preparing to leave Afghanistan and are training their army and national police who frequently kill Americans.

The future of the Arab world is not bright as a result of centuries of dictatorship, disempowerment of women, religious prejudices and refusal to change. That doesn’t make it our job to police them and assume that they will morph overnight into our vision of modernity.

The U.N. won’t support us and NATO is only an effective ally as long as the U.S. takes the lead and makes the sacrifices. Let’s hope they can work something out in Syria and the rest of the Arab world, but let’s not make it the responsibility of the American people to bankroll it and to die for it with little or no thanks.

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