NSA intelligence failed on Syria, Boston, Hood

SheltonSeptember 14, 2013 

I listened to Gen. Keith B. Alexander of the National Security Agency tell the nation time and time again that NSA has thwarted or foiled more than 50 terrorist attacks or plots against us. So how did they miss the Fort Hood Army doctor and the Boston bomber brothers? Two out of more than 50, close enough for government work, so it seems.

President Barack Obama stated that using chemical weapons was a red line and those who crossed it would be punished. Don’t you think that somebody in NSA should have been paying attention? Don’t you think that they might have reassigned a couple of the folks spying on tea party members in Peach Pit, Fla., to the Syrian desk? The president put his and the nation’s creditability on the line over chemical weapons and NSA fell asleep at the switch. Apparently 100,000 dead Syrians killed by conventional weapons wasn’t enough of a red flag or a wake-up call.

It’s becoming more evident that NSA’s mission of preventing terrorism needs an overhaul. Why else would we hear about the hot NSA intelligence that confirms that the Assad regime had crossed the red line days after the fact? We’ve heard many in the administration tell us that timeliness in the intelligence game is the difference between life and death. NSA has chosen death, 1,429 Syrians to be exact. Given their track record I find it difficult to believe they really know the parties responsible.

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