No-win Syrian situation a case for World Court

OlympiaSeptember 14, 2013 

Whether President Barack Obama erred when he made the red line statement is irrelevant. That’s water under the bridge and now he has time to regroup and effectuate a more lasting resolution. All military conflicts have ultimately been resolved at the negotiating table — so let’s get the factions to the table post haste. This pause that the Obama cleverly initiated has given the world community more time to work on a peaceful resolution to the Syrian civil war.

All too often our foreign policies result in military action to resolve conflicts. Sure, sometimes it’s necessary to use force to stop aggression. However, in the Syrian crisis, I believe it is basically a civil war pitting fundamentalist Islamic factions against a dictator historically supported by the West for his pro-western leanings. It’s a no-win situation for the West and especially for America.

The dignified and reasonable approach I believe is to rally international support (including Russia and China) to charge Bashar Assad with war crimes and bring the case to the World Court for adjudication. Getting into the fight is sheer folly and cannot promote a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

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