Lawmakers continue to deny funds for vital needs

OlympiaSeptember 17, 2013 

Your editorial on Sunday, Sept. 8 has me wondering how we as a nation have become so stupid? State and federal lawmakers continue to deny funding for vital needs, i.e. transportation, education, the environment. Why? What has happened to us?

Is it too hard to see the value of the revenue package? Taxes can be onerous but they are necessary if they help produce jobs — as in construction, improvements in transportation, etc. The state of Washington shouldn’t cut itself off from useful projects like the Columbia River Crossing because some refuse to spend public money for a public project that would benefit both business and private interests. Money lies in the hands of big oil, etc, while public needs go a-begging. Catch big oil being really concerned about the environment as it pours water into the earth for more oil that’s supposed to make us all rich. In your dreams.

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